Traditional Hummus served with grilled Pita
Shirazi Salad5.95
Diced cucumber, tomato, onions, parsley, lemon juice, and olive oil
Vegetable salad with tomato, parsley, bulgur, olive oil, and lemon juice
Baba Ghanoosh6.95
Smoked roasted eggplant, garlic, tahini, and olive oil. Served with grilled pita.
Beef Kibbeh9.95
Delicious mix of cracked wheat, minced onion, and ground beef
Rice stuffed grape leaves served with yogurt Sauce
Beef Samosa8.95
Beef, Onions, Lemon Juice, Potatoes, Ginger Garlic, Chaat Masala, Cilantro
Kashk e Bademjoon6.95
Sautéed eggplant with garlic, onion, mint, and whey (kashk) topped with fried onion
Veggie Samosa7.95
Potato, Sweet Corn, Carrot, Green and Onion
Mezza Platter14.95
Combination of dolma, hummus, baba ghanoosh, musto museer, Served with grilled pita.
Yogurt & Shallots6.25
Musto Museer
Polpettina Sicilian Meatball8.95
Juicy homemade meatballs with marinara sauce
Deep fried ground chickpeas, fava beans, and hummus spread
Mozzarella Carpese9.95
Slices of mozzarella cheese,tomato,basil dressing
Buffalo Wings(6) $7.95 (12) $13.95

Soups & Salads

Soup of the Day4.95
Caesar Salad10.95
Add: Grilled Chicken $6.95 • Grilled Salmon $9.95 • Grilled Shrimp $11.95
House Salad10.95
Village Grill special recipe with mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, glazed walnut, mango, avocado and raspberry dressing
Apple Orchard13.95
Grilled Chicken, Mixed Green, Onion, tomatoes, Pecans, Gorgonzola, Apple with apple balsamic vinegar
Falafel Greek Salad10.95
Greek Salad11.95
Add: Grilled Chicken $6.95 • Grilled Salmon $9.95 • Grilled Shrimp $11.95
Rosemary Chicken Salad14.95
Gyro Greek Salad13.95

Salad Addons

Add Grilled Chicken $6.95 • Add Grilled Salmon $9.95 • Add Grilled Shrimp $11.95


Comes with Rice, Salad, or Half Rice Half Salad

Veggie Kabob11.95
Grilled vegetables served with basmati rice topped with saffron
Chicken Kabob13.95
Marinated boneless chicken breast served with basmati rice topped with saffron
Ground Beef (Koobideh)13.95
2 skewers of juicy seasoned ground beef served with basmati rice
Lamb Kabob16.95
Lamb chunks marinated in special sauce
Lamb Chop17.95
4 Pieces juicy Lamb chops marinated in special sauce
Salmon Kabob16.95
salmon marinated in special sauce
Shrimp Kabob 17.95
Grilled shrimp marinated in special sauce
Filet Mignon (Barg)18.95
One skewer of Filet Mignon marinated in our special sauce

Kabob Combo

Comes with Rice, Salad, or Half Rice Half Salad

Koobideh and Barg23.95
One skewer of Koobideh and one skewer of Barg over basmati rice
Koobideh and Chicken18.95
1 skewer of Koobideh and 1 of Chicken over basmati rice
Lamb, Koobideh and Chicken26.95
One skewer of Koobideh, one skewer of Chicken, and one skewer of Lamb over basmati rice

Shish Kabob

Comes with grilled vegetables and your choice of rice or salad



With your choice of French Fries or Chips

Falafel Wrap8.95
Ground Beef (Koobideh) Kabob8.95
Gyro Wrap9.95
Gyro Platter (comes with rice)11.95
Sicilian Meatball9.95
Sirloin Steak and Cheese12.95
Tomato Mozzarella Panini9.95
Chicken Shawarma9.95
Chicken Kabob9.95
Lamb Kabob12.95
Rosemary Grilled Chicken11.95
Village Mushroom Cheeseburger10.95

Village Grill Pizza

Medium 10`` / Large 14`` / Extra Large 16``

Cheese8.95 / 13.95 / 15.95
Mozzarella Chesse & Pizza sauce
Vegetarian Delight13.95 / 17.99 / 19.95
Spinach, mushrooms, olives, tomato, peppers, caramelized onions
Buffalo Chicken13.95 / 17.95 / 19.95
Chicken, ranch sauce
Steak & Cheese14.95 / 18.95 / 20.95
Alfredo sauce, stake, caramelized onions
Margarita13.95 / 17.95 / 19.95
Fresh mozzarella, basil, oregano, olive oil
Gyro (Greek Pizza)13.95 / 17.95 / 19.95
Gyro, black olives, tomato, onion, feta cheese
Triple Play14.95 / 18.95 / 20.95
Pepperoni, Meatball, and Sausage
Village Pesto Pizza13.95 / 17.95 / 19.95
Chicken, Artichoke, Caramelized Onion
Taco Pizza13.95 / 17.95 / 19.95
Ground beef, Lettuce, Tomato, Sour Cream, Cheddar Cheese
White13.95 / 17.99 / 19.95
Alfredo Sauce, Chicken, Roasted Garlic, Caramelized Onion, Spinach


Pepperoni / Ham / Meatball
Italian Sausage /
Beef / Gyro


Shrimp / Steak / Chicken


Green / Red Pepper / Red Onion / Garlic / Spinach,
Olive, Pineapple / Tomato / Jalapeño / Mushroom



Village Grill House Special18.95
Fettuccine with special house blend sauce, grilled shrimp, and garlic bread
Spaghetti Meatball14.95
Home made meatballs, spaghetti pasta, marinara sauce, and garlic bread
Fettuccine Alfredo17.95
Home made Alfredo sauce over fettuccine, grilled chicken, and garlic bread
Pasta Addons$3.95 ea
Add Shrimp or Salmon

Kid's Menu

Personal Cheese Pizza7.95
Spaghetti and Meatballs5.95
Chicken Tenders (3) and Fries6.95
Mac & Cheese4.95


Tzatziki Sauce or Yogurt Sauce¢50
Pita Bread1.95
French Fries2.95
Garlic Bread marinara3.95
Caesar Salad4.95
Greek Salad5.95
Grilled Veggies5.95
Grilled Salmon11.95
Lamb Kabob11.95
Grilled Chicken6.95
Chicken Kabob (One skewer)7.95
Beef Kabob (One Skewer)4.95


Village Grill Special Fried Dough4.95
Pistachio Saffron Ice Cream4.95
Daily Special DessertAsk your server


We Serve Beer & Wine


Kids Apple Juice $1.95
Iced Tea $2.50
Coke $2.25
Diet Coke $2.25
Sprint $2.25
Lemonade $2.25
Dr. Pepper $2.25
Ginger Ale $2.25
Bottled Water $2.25
Perrier $2.75


Tea $2.50
Coffee $2.50
Brewed Herbal Tea $4.95

(Dine In Only)

Modelo $5.95
Stella Artois $6.95
Corona $6.95
Blue Moon $5.95
Heineken $6.95
Peroni $6.95

(Dine In Only)

Chardonnay $7.95
Chianti $7.95
Pinot Noir $8.95
Pinot Grigio $7.95
Merlot $8.95
Cabernet $7.95